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Ann,20y,Taiwan,College student

I usually go to work to pay for living expenses. After I met my Daddy, my life began to be a lot easier, helping me to pay for my studies and take care of my living expenses. Occasionally romantic dating, enjoying food, adding a lot of color to life.

Corin,38y,Taiwan, Business

Because of working relationships, I often stay abroad, and I rarely have time to get to know other opposite sexes, so I am used to virtual dating. I have as much satisfaction as possible about the other party. As long as I can do it, there is basically no problem.

Laura,22y,Taiwan,MS student

I am a girl who likes literary creation. I occasionally know different people through making friends. I met him here. We share common interests and resonances with each other. He likes to travel. We fly many countries and my life changes.
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