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Top Dating Member User Agreement
Top Dating's dating site ( is an online dating community designed to cater to the needs of high-quality users. Users fill in personal information to reflect personal economic strength, career status and other information to provide the most basic background for others. Since the information is completely added by the user, the website is not responsible for its authenticity. Users should be cautious about doing more in-depth understanding of the friends and then continue to communicate. The following membership terms apply to the registration as a member of the Friend and the subsequent loyalty activities:
I.accept the terms of the user
Once the user clicks or tickes the "I agree to the User Terms" on the registration page, this means that the member has read and agreed to reach an agreement with the Top Dating website and accept all user terms.
II.member registration conditions
1. Top Dating service is only available to adults over 18 years old. Do not attempt to register for anyone under the age of 18. Top Dating's services are only available to individuals who are able to comply with statutory contracts. While enjoying the Top Dating service, the user agrees to accept the reasonable obligations of the Top Dating user. Top Dating reserves the right to cancel your membership for any reason.
2. The user's member file declaration cannot contain real names, phone numbers, QQ numbers, micro-signals, Facebook accounts, lines, addresses or other data that can be directly contacted. Top Dating reserves the right to modify the member's registration nickname, monologue, etc., or suspend or terminate the member's account, or suspend or terminate all or part of the services provided by Top Dating.
3. If the member provides any wrong, false or incomplete information, or Top Dating has reason to suspect that the information is wrong, false or incomplete, and violates the terms of membership registration, or Top Dating has reason to suspect member information, words and deeds, etc. In the case of "Top Dating", Top Dating reserves the right to modify the member's registration nickname, monologue, etc., or suspend or terminate the member's account, or suspend or terminate all or part of the services provided by Top Dating. Under the above circumstances, Top Dating has the right to decide whether to return any membership purchased by the member.
4. If the account is frozen due to any violation, its membership will be considered a natural termination and the terms will continue to be valid until the more powerful law overrides it.
III.prohibit commercial activities
The Member agrees not to copy, copy, sell, resell or use any part of the services or services offered by Top Dating for any other commercial purpose. Users must undertake not to use Top Dating's services for sales or other commercial purposes without the consent of Top Dating.
IV.member account, password and security
1. After completing the membership registration process, members will receive a password and account number. Members are obliged to keep their passwords and accounts secure. Members are solely responsible for all activities carried out using the password and account number, including any information, materials, text, software, music, audio, photos, graphics transmitted via Top Dating website for uploading, posting, sending messages or any other means. Content, video, information or other materials, whether delivered publicly or privately, are the responsibility of the content provider.
2. Members should immediately notify the TTop Dating website if they are not authorized to use their password or if any other security issues arise. Top Dating is not liable for any adverse consequences caused by the member's improper use of the account and password due to the improper use of the member, resulting in the leakage of the account and password.
3. Members are prohibited from doing this website
       a. Advertising or inducing members to use products not provided by the company
    b. Inducing members to join third-party organizations to participate in business activities.
4. Use the name of Top Dating to distribute non-official advertising messages to any other website. This site has the right to investigate.
5. Any activity involved in conflict with the current resident legal provisions of the member is deemed to be a violation.
6. Involving tracking and trailing member trails infringes on member privacy as a violation.
7. Snooping, harassing members or Top Dating employees and related relatives are deemed to be in violation.
8. Members have the responsibility to protect accounts and passwords, and should not disclose their accounts and passwords to others, so the consequences are borne by themselves.
V.Service Description
1. Top Dating provides members with online services through the Internet, including online and wireless related services. In order to use the website service, members should provide their own equipment, including computers, data machines or other access devices, necessary to access the Internet, and pay for the cost of logging into the Internet.
2. Top Dating may charge a certain fee for some network services when providing network services. In this case, a clear prompt will be given on the relevant page. If the member refuses to pay the fee, the relevant internet service cannot be used. The paid service will separately stipulate the terms of service on the basis of this registration clause to regulate the content of the paid business and the rights and obligations of both parties. Members should read it carefully. If the member purchases the paid business, it is deemed to be the terms of service for accepting the paid service.
3. The paid service has an expiration date, and the service will be automatically terminated after the expiration date, and the validity period cannot be interrupted or postponed. Except as otherwise provided in this registration, all paid services, including renewal of membership, are non-refundable.
4. For the illegal use of Top Dating service, or its words and deeds (whether online or offline) to deviate from the purpose of Top Dating serious friends, Top Dating will seriously deal with it, including blacklisting it and complaining about it. Penalties such as being made public and deleting member accounts.
5. Top Dating has the right to send an advertising letter to its members, or to send an email, text message or telephone notification to its members for the purpose of organizing offline activities.
6. In order to improve the success rate and efficiency of Top Dating members' friends, Top Dating has the right to display the Dating members' Top Dating information on Top Dating's partner website or other similar activities.
VI.Intellectual property rights
Members must not infringe the company's trademark copyright or any intellectual property.
1. Top Dating does not guarantee that the services it provides will meet the requirements and expectations of the members, nor guarantee that the services will not be interrupted, and the timeliness, security and accuracy of the services are not guaranteed.
2. For the content transmitted by the members through the services provided by Top Dating, Top Dating will make reasonable efforts to strictly review the relevant regulations of the state, but cannot completely control the content transmitted via the website service, and does not guarantee the correctness, completeness or quality of the content. Therefore, members who use the Top Dating service may be exposed to unpleasant, inappropriate or disgusting content. In no event shall Top Dating be liable for any content posted, emailed or otherwise transmitted by Members via the Website Services. However, Top Dating has the right to stop transmitting any of the foregoing contents and take corresponding actions according to law, including but not limited to suspending all or part of the use of the website services by members, keeping relevant records, and reporting to relevant authorities when necessary according to national laws and regulations and relevant policies. Cooperate with the actions of the relevant authorities.
3. For all kinds of advertising information, links, information, etc. provided by Top Dating website, Top Dating does not guarantee the correctness, legality or reliability of its content, and the related responsibilities are borne by the advertiser; and, for members through Top Dating service and advertising Business contact or business dealings are completely between the members and the advertisers, and have nothing to do with Top Dating. Top Dating assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss arising from the aforementioned business dealings.
4. For the photos, materials, documents, etc. uploaded by the user, Top Dating has adopted relevant measures and has made reasonable efforts to carry out the audit, but does not guarantee the correctness, legality or reliability of the content, and the related responsibilities are uploaded by the members of the above content. Be responsible for.
5. Members conduct their own actions related to making friends in their own independent judgments, and independently bear the possible adverse consequences and responsibilities. Top Dating website does not assume any legal responsibility.
6. Whether to use the website service to download or obtain any information shall be considered by the members themselves and at their own risk. Top Dating shall not be responsible for any damage or loss of data of the member computer system caused by the download of any information.
7. The Top Dating website is not responsible for the activities organized by all members and the organization that is spontaneously established.
8. For any member activities planned, initiated, organized or undertaken by the Website (including but not limited to fees and activities for full public interest), Top Dating shall not make any guarantees or promises to the members of the above activities, nor guarantee the activities. The legitimacy and rationality of the members' own behavior during the period. This website does not assume any responsibility for the personal or reputation and other damages of the members or others.
9. For members' complaints, Top Dating will make reasonable efforts to verify it carefully, but it does not guarantee the authenticity and legitimacy of the complaints that are finally made public. All legal liabilities for the content of the complaint infringing the members' privacy rights, reputation rights, etc. Beared, has nothing to do with Top Dating.
10. Although Top Dating has adopted corresponding technical safeguards, members may still receive various types of advertising letters (except for advertising messages sent by Top Dating) or other emails that are not intended for dating. Sweetheart is not responsible.
11. Top Dating does not authorize any third party to sell any Top Dating online or offline service products. Any third party selling Top Dating online or offline service products may be illegal sales, and Top Dating does not guarantee the corresponding services.
12. I am responsible for any crimes committed or involved in the appointment of the member.
13. Help or organize trafficking.
14. Harassing members, company employees or related agencies.
15. Imitate the plagiarism of the company's business methods
16. Any commercial activity in which a competitive act occurs.
17. Hiring sex workers, models, sex-related industries, etc.
18. A business actor or competitor is not a legitimate user of the website and is not entitled to the website service. Commercial agents or competitors who violate this agreement will be fined 100,000 yuan as liquidated damages and cannot apply for arbitration.
19. The company reserves the right to temporarily modify or permanently stop the service and will not send a notice.
20. The company's right to freeze suspicious accounts based on member IP.
21. The information posted on the website by the user is for notification or entertainment only and may not involve any professional field, including financial, medical, legal or consulting. Any information posted on the website is the responsibility of the user and the company does not guarantee it.
22. The User agrees to waive any disputes handled by the court and only accepts arbitration mediation.
23. The arbitration agreement does not apply to disputes related to commercial competition.
VIII.Member rights
1. Members have the following rights to their personal data
    a. Inquire and request for viewing at any time, except for a few special circumstances (such as being blacklisted by the website), etc.
    b. Request for supplementation or correction at any time, except in the rare case that the special circumstances (such as the website or the relevant authorities for the judicial process to preserve evidence) cannot be supplemented or corrected.
     c. Request to close the account at any time.
IX.Members should abide by the following laws and regulations
1. Top Dating reminds members to abide by the Law of the Republic of China on the use of Top Dating, the Law of the Republic of China on Copyright, the Law of the Republic of China on the Protection of State Secrets, the Regulations of the Republic of China on Telecommunications, and the Information of the Republic of China on Computers. System Security Protection Regulations, Interim Provisions on the Administration of International Network Management of Computer Information Network of the Republic of China and Its Implementation Measures, Regulations on the Security Management of Internet Information Systems International Network, Internet Services Management Measures, Computer Information Network International Provisions on relevant laws and regulations such as the Network Security Protection Management Measures and local laws and regulations.
2. In any event, if Top Dating has reason to believe that any of the actions of the Member using the Top Dating Service, including but not limited to any statement or other conduct by the Member, violates or may violate any of the above laws and regulations, Top Dating may Service to the member is terminated at any time without prior notice.
X.Members are prohibited from engaging in the following acts
1. Produce, copy, publish, and disseminate the following information on Top Dating's web pages or using Top Dating's services when publishing information or using Top Dating services: against the basic principles established by the Constitution; endangering national security, revealing state secrets, Subverting state power, undermining national unity; damaging national glory and interests; inciting national hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermining national unity; undermining national religious policies, promoting cults and feudal superstitions; spreading rumors, disrupting social order, and undermining social stability Dissembling obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetment; insulting or slandering others, infringing on the legal rights of others; containing false, harmful, coercive, infringing on the privacy of others, harassment, infringement, slander, vulgarity, jealousy Or other ethical and objectionable content; containing other content restricted or prohibited by Chinese laws, regulations, rules, regulations, and any legally binding norms.
2. In the process of using the Top Dating service, it harms the interests of minors in any way.
3. Impersonate any person or institution, including but not limited to impersonating a Top Dating staff member, moderator, moderator, or falsely or falsely stating or lied about any person or institution.
4. Upload, post, email or otherwise transmit content that infringes anyone's portrait, reputation, privacy, patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret or other proprietary rights.
5. Upload, post, email, or otherwise transmit viruses, or other computer code, files, and programs. Track or otherwise harass other members.
6. Intercept, tamper with, collect, store or delete other people's personal information, emails or other data without legal authorization, or use such information for any illegal or improper purpose. Interfere with the Top Dating service in any way.
XI.About the content uploaded or posted by members in Top Dating
1. The content uploaded or posted by members in Top Dating (including photos, texts, success stories of successful members, etc.) is regarded as a free, non-exclusive right to use by Top Dating. Top Dating has the right to display, disseminate and promote For the purpose of posting the above content, copy, modify, publish, etc. the above content. The right to use continues until the Member has notified Party Dating that it will not continue to use and that Top Dating actually receives such written notice. Top Dating partners use or use in live events, Top Dating will obtain prior member's consent, but use within the Top Dating website is not subject to this limitation.
2. The member assumes full responsibility for any infringement or claim made by any third party due to the above upload or posting by the member.
3. Any third party who copies, modifies, edits, or distributes the content posted by members in the public use area of Top Dating shall be responsible for the legal consequences and responsibilities of the act, and shall not be related to Top Dating.
XII.End service
1. If the member has not logged into his account on the Top Dating website for 2 consecutive years, the member's account will be automatically closed. Top Dating will also terminate all or part of the service corresponding to the account, and will not bear the refund or other responsibility. .
2. Members who have objected to the content of any registration terms or have objections to subsequent changes to the registration terms, or are dissatisfied with the Top Dating service, have the following rights:
        a. No longer use the Top Dating service.
        b. End membership eligibility to use the Top Dating service.
        c. Notify Top Dating to stop the member's services. At the end of the membership service, the member's right to use the Top Dating service is immediately terminated, and Top Dating no longer assumes any obligations to the member.
1. Member shall compensate Top Dating or other cooperation for any third party's claim or request to Top Dating due to the provision, posting or transmission of content by the Member through the services provided by Top Dating, in violation of these Terms of Service, or infringement of any rights of others. Loss of partners, including but not limited to attorney fees and reasonable investigation fees.
2. When a member complains that other members have violated the law or violated the registration terms, the complainant shall bear all legal liabilities arising from the false complaint. If the lawful rights and interests of others are violated, the complainant shall bear all legal responsibilities independently. If a loss is caused to Top Dating, the complainant shall perform the corresponding liability for Top Dating.
XIV.Changes and modifications to the member registration terms
1. The Top Dating website reserves the right to make changes and modifications to these registration terms at any time. In the event of a change in the registration terms, the Top Dating website will prompt for the modified content on the page, or send the latest version of the member registration terms to the member by email. If members do not agree to the modification of the membership registration terms, they can voluntarily cancel the membership (such as canceling the account number). If additional fees are paid for some services, they can apply for the full or partial refund. If the member continues to use the member account, it is deemed that the member has accepted the modification of the member registration terms.
2. In the case of payment, if the automatic renewal column is not unchecked, the user agrees to automatically renew the membership when the membership expires. Top Dating will not issue any refunds, and all consumer items will be authorized by the user with full consent. The company reserves the right to make adjustments and changes to the website without notice.
XV.force majeure
1. "Force Majeure" means an event that Top Dating cannot reasonably control, is unforeseeable, or cannot be avoided even if it is foreseen, and the Event interferes with, affects or delays the fulfillment of all or part of its obligations under this Registration Clause. The incident includes, but is not limited to, government actions, natural disasters, wars, hacking attacks, computer viruses, network failures, and the like. Force majeure may result in adverse consequences such as inability to access the website, slow access, loss of stored data, and leakage of personal information from members.
2. In the event of force majeure, Top Dating may suspend the performance of the obligations under this registration clause until the impact of force majeure is eliminated, and shall not be liable for breach of contract; however, every effort should be made to overcome the incident and mitigate its negative effects.
Top Dating's notice to its members will be in the form of an email or page announcement. Top Dating may notify you in the above form when changes to the registration terms or other changes are made.
Note: You agree to the terms of the User Agreement on this website (Top Dating). Please note that this website (Top Dating) prohibits any illegal activities (such as prostitution) or any form of commercial activity, stealing other people's personal information, if this This kind of behavior draws our attention, we will retain any rights, we will permanently ban/delete your personal information from the website!

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