Top Dating provides Top Dating services (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") in accordance with these Terms of Service.When a member completes the registration process of Top Dating,or begins to use the service,it indicates that it has read,understands and agrees to accept all the contents of the Terms of Service, and fully accepts the existing and future derivative services and contents of the service. Top Dating The company reserves the right to modify or change the contents of these Terms of Service at any time.The revised Terms of Service will be posted on the website.Top Dating will not notify the members individually.
Members are advised to pay attention to such modifications or changes at any time. Members who continue to use the Service after any modification or change are deemed to have read,understood and agreed to accept such modifications or changes. If you do not agree to the above revision or update of the Terms of Service, or do not accept any of the other terms of the Terms of Service,Members shall immediately discontinue use of the Service.Personal data categories collected: The personal data collected by Top Dating on the website includes,
(1)C001identifies individuals:such as the member's name, address, telephone, email and other information.
(2)C002identifies the financer:such as credit card or financial institution account information.
(3)C011personal description:for example: gender, date of birth, etc. Utilization period, region, objectand method:
(1)Period: The date on which the member party requests to stop using or Top Dating to stop providing the service.
(2)Region: Members' personal data will be used in Taiwan.
(3)Use objects and methods:In addition to the functions of member management and customer management search for Top Dating, members' personal data collection will also be used for identification,financial services,logistics services,marketing and publicity. The examples are as follows:
1.When using the services provided by Top Dating as a member, the member information is automatically displayed on the page.
2.For the conduct of trading: members of the goods or services for the appointment, subscript, purchase, participation in prizes, etc. or other transactions, on the distribution of goods, labor services, price payment,reply to customers, Top Dating to members Inquiries, related after-sales services and other necessary business for the transaction.
3.Promotional advertising or marketing, etc.: Provide information such as members' various electronic magazines, and provide information related to services through emails, emails, and telephone calls. The content or advertisements viewed by the members are analyzed according to the customer's personal attributes or purchase records, browsing records of the Top Dating website, etc., personalization operations, analysis of member usage services, development of new services, or improvement of existing services. Contact with members for comments on polls, events, message boards, etc., or other service related matters.
4.Respond to customer inquiries: Respond to questions from members of Top Dating via email,email,fax,phone or any other direct indirect contact.
5.Other business incidents: The use necessary to provide services for Top Dating in conjunction with the use of a to d.
6.Information provision for individual service providers:When a member's goods or services for a serviceprovider are reserved,subscripted,purchased,participated in a prize-winning activity or applied for othertransactions,Top Dating shall be within the scope necessary for the exchange. The member'sprofile is provided to the service provider and the service provider is responsible for managing the profile. Top Dating will use the stipulations to give the service provider the obligation to process personal data in accordance with the principle of protecting the privacy of the members,but there is no guarantee that the service provider will comply For details,please contact each service provider.
7.Others: When providing individual services, personal data may also be used outside of the above-mentionedpurposes. The gist of the individual service will be posted on the web page of the individual service.Member's rights to personal data: Top Dating's parties who collect personal data may exercise the following rights to Top Dating in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act:
(1) Query or request to read.
(2) Request for a copy.
(3) Request for supplement or correction.
(4) Request to stop collecting, processing or utilizing.
(5) Request to delete.
Members who wish to exercise the above rights can apply with Top Dating customer service.Please note! Failure to provide the necessary information to join the membership may result in the inability to access the full service or the total inability to use the service.